XPLA, a blockchain network founded by renowned South Korean game publisher Com2uS, has announced a significant strategic partnership. Google Cloud, the technology giant’s cloud computing arm, has become the first “voluntary validator” on the XPLA network. This collaboration has the potential to bring significant change to the gaming and blockchain industry.

Blockchain validators play a crucial role in verifying and confirming transactions on a network. However, in the case of XPLA, these validators will not earn token rewards directly. Instead, tokens will be distributed in a community pool, in a model that seeks to promote decentralization and active participation by network members.

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Partnership seeks to accelerate the growth and innovation of Web3 games through Google Cloud infrastructure

Although the implementation of this plan is still being voted on, it is notable that so far the proposal has 100% support from the XPLA community. This robust support suggests strong enthusiasm for collaboration with Google Cloud.

Jack Buser, managing director of Google Cloud Game Industry Solutions, expressed the company’s commitment to accelerating the growth and innovation of Web3 games through Google Cloud’s secure, high-performance infrastructure. This partnership could open doors to a new generation of blockchain-based games that offer unique experiences to players.

XPLA was built based on the Tendermint protocol, which also powers the Cosmos network, and is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). It already hosts popular games such as The Walking Dead: All-Stars, Summoner’s War: Chronicles and Ace Fishing: Crew. Therefore, all of these games are based on existing intellectual property (IP), adapted to the “play-to-own” blockchain model.

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XPLA is already home to popular games based on existing intellectual property

This is not the first time that Google Cloud has been involved with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The company already serves as a validator on several other blockchain networks, including Solana, Tezos, Aptos, Polygon (an Ethereum scaling network), and the Celo DeFi network. Additionally, it has collaborated with Coinbase to accept cryptocurrency payments.

In April this year, Google Cloud launched the Web3 Startups program, offering additional benefits to crypto companies in partnership with networks such as Solana, Aptos, Near and Hedera. This demonstrates the company’s continued commitment to exploring the opportunities offered by blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

This collaboration between XPLA and Google Cloud is an important step towards integrating gaming and blockchain, and could lead to significant advancements in the industry. So, as more validators and technology companies enter the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, innovation and adoption continue to pick up speed.


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