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The Gods Unchained metaverse announced another event to shake up the active player community. According to the developers, the Mid March Madness event offers more than 20,000 GODS tokens as rewards to players.

Despite the name, Mid March Madness began on March 24th and is still ongoing. Interested players will be able to join the event at any time, guaranteeing rewards such as tokens and other prizes. The tournament is open until April 15, 2024.

Following the recent launch of its official apps, Gods Unchained is committed to launching events for the community. At first, the prize pool will start with 20 thousand GODS tokens (valued at R$1.54 by Coingecko), and can increase to up to 100 thousand tokens. According to the official announcement, the initial offer may increase at any time, if the platform registers more than 50 thousand players during the first tournament.

The prize pool for the Mid March Madness event was divided into 3 sections – 30% of the pool for active players, 50% of the pool for the victors, 20% for the players with the best performance on the platform and 15% will be the final prize for the first place.

For the 50% pool among the victors, victory tickets will be distributed for each match. This way, the developers guarantee a fair distribution among all victors, regardless of whether they go undefeated or only obtain 1 victory in matches.

In addition to the cash prize, 40 rare cards will be distributed to players, including 5 Thaeriels, 15 Blades of Whitesplain and 20 Martyrs of Whiteplain. To win, you will need to count more times in Sealed mode, in addition to winning in the game. Only 10 cards will be randomly distributed among participants.

In addition, Glinn cards will be distributed to players who enter Sealed mode 5 times, as well as Zaskia cards to players who enter Sealed mode 10 times.

What is Sealed Mode in Gods Unchained?

Sealed Mode is a special variant in the card game. In Gods Unchained, players are given a random selection of cards and must build a deck of 30 from what they receive.

Then, they choose one of three random Gods and begin to battle. A Sealed Mode cycle ends when a player wins 7 games or loses 3, whichever comes first. Players can earn token rewards by winning four or more matches.

Entering Sealed Mode requires paying 10 GODS tokens. For now, Sealed mode is not enabled on mobile devices.

What is Gods Unchained?

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play collectible card game. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, it utilizes the Immutable X layer-two solution for fee-free trading.

By playing, participants earn digital “Core” cards and are fully owned. Furthermore, when a player has 4 identical “Core” cards, he can exchange them for blockchain-based cards. These cards are like NFTs and can be traded on the marketplace.

As it is a free game, Gods Unchained offers several possibilities to earn money by playing. Active participants earn cards, in addition to receiving reward packages and GODS tokens, which can be traded on the crypto market.

The Gods Unchained universe still has several expansions already released and has a wide variety of cards available. On the official website, you can buy extra packs of cards. Furthermore, on the Immutable X marketplace it is possible to trade cards and game tokens.

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