In a bold move into the dynamic cryptocurrency market, well-known digital games provider G2A recently announced its new marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) dedicated to Web3 games. This step represents a significant advancement for the company in the emerging field of blockchain gaming, expanding its offerings to include gaming NFTs in addition to its existing collection of gaming software.

The launch, which took place on November 15th, appears as a strategy to give greater visibility to Web3 games and NFTs carefully selected by the G2A team. Players around the world will now have the unique opportunity to explore the universe of blockchain games and interact with game NFTs associated with G2A, an innovation that promises to transform the gaming experience.

Bartosz Skwarczek, CEO of G2A Capital Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the new venture, highlighting gamers’ growing familiarity with the blockchain gaming sector. “It turned out that gamers are quite familiar with the blockchain gaming industry and a significant portion of them already play Web3 games and have even engaged in gaming NFT trading,” highlighted Skwarczek. This insight was fundamental to the creation of G2A Geekverse, an online platform designed to be a meeting point for Web3 game enthusiasts, offering information, buying and selling digital assets linked to these games.

G2A’s move follows a growing trend among traditional game distributors who have been adapting to Web3 games since 2023. A notable example is the Google Play Store, which in July began accepting NFT games under certain conditions, allowing games that sell or offer NFTs, but with clear restrictions against gambling based on NFTs.

In addition to Google Play, Epic Games, another gaming giant, has also embraced the Web3 trend. In June, the Epic Games Store added “Gods Unchained” to its catalog, an NFT collectible card game comparable to popular titles such as “Magic: The Gathering” and “Hearthstone”. The store has plans to further expand its portfolio with the addition of the blockchain-based game “Illuvium”, set to be listed on November 28th.

This advance by G2A reinforces the growing integration between the gaming world and the cryptocurrency sphere, indicating a future where blockchain games and NFTs can play an increasingly central role in the digital entertainment industry.


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