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the war that Russia started several weeks ago against Ukraine does not stop And that has caused the consequences in the world of sport to have spread to almost all areas. One of the hardest hit is football and, in particular, the union of clubs, organizations and competitions with Russian companies by way of sponsorship.

One of the last clubs that has had to break one of its big multi-year contracts has been the PSG. The Parisian team announced on Wednesday the end of its relationship with Fonbeta sports betting house that operated mainly in your country.

This link between this Soviet sponsor and PSG had been strongly criticized in France. In fact, from many sectors the Parisian entity had been asked to break its agreement as soon as possible to cleanse its image of any relationship with the state it presides over. Vladimir Putin. The war in Ukraine provoked by Russia continues to leave important consequences.

Vladimir Putin awaits the arrival of Alexander Lukashenko on the stern of the ‘Chayka’, in a file image.


In this case, the French team will suffer significant losses and will thus close one of its markets after saying goodbye to Fonbet, a difficult decision, but one that they have been forced to make due to the current context. Europa right now. The Parisian entity made a brief statement to explain its decision: “Current events have prompted us to reconsider our commitments.”

Until then, Fonbet was the only Russian sponsor that PSG had and they have been the only contract they have had to break. A decision that has been made both from Paris and by the property of the entity that, in reality, resides in the state of Qatar. PSG had signed with the sports betting brand until 2023, for which reason it renounces two years of a multi-year contract. Of course, the dissolution has been signed by mutual agreement, as the Parisian entity has recognized.

Paris-Russia relations

This has not been the only conflict that has linked Paris with Russia. One of the most important has been the change in the venue for the final of the Champions. The city chosen for this course had been St. Petersburg. However, after the outbreak of the conflict at the end of February, the UEFApressured by different football agents, had to annul this concession.

This was also related to the sponsorship of the gas company Gazpromwhich reports directly to the government of Vladimir Putin and which has become the largest company in the state. Now, the chosen city has been Paris. Of course, it will not occur in the Princes ParkPSG stadium, but it will be played in the Stade de Francea fiefdom where the French team usually plays its matches.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi and Leonardo, in the box of the Parc des Princes.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi and Leonardo, in the box of the Parc des Princes.


The French team has had to resolve more issues related to Russia in the last few hours. After his break with Fonbet, the club chaired by Nasser Al-Khelaifi has been questioned about what will happen to the academy of young talents that the Parisian club has in the country.

PSG has a school for young footballers for boys between the ages of 3 and 15 in Moscow. However, the situation in the area right now since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine has caused everything to do with the Soviet country to be judged and viewed negatively.

However, for the moment PSG has not made a decision in this regard about what it is going to do and therefore continues with its routine and with its normal activities waiting for the war conflict to be resolved and ends up remitting, finding that long-awaited peace. How much does the government pursue? Zelensky and all of Europe after Putin’s acts of extreme rebellion in enemy territory.

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Russia-Ukraine War


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