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A German company is making NFT collectors an unbeatable offer: it accepts worthless NFTs and gives out shopping vouchers in return.

The prize for the best crypto PR campaign of the year so far definitely goes to a small town in northern Swabia, which insiders know primarily for its water park and the irritatingly high density of notoriously inconspicuous retail billionaires.

Of course, this refers to Neckarsulm, and the company that started the campaign is Kaufland, part of the Lidl and Schwarz Group. With “Fresh4Trash”, Kaufland is responding in the most splendid way to the massive decline in the value of NFTs.

In case you didn’t notice, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), usually associated with digital images of animals, were the “hot shit” of the hype year of 2021 before becoming the “hot potato” that everyone dropped. The vast majority of NFTs are now worth a maximum of a fraction of what was once paid for them, and at a minimum they are no longer worth anything. Where there is no buyer, there is no price.

Christoph Schneider, Managing Director of Marketing at Kaufland Germany, puts it this way: “The vast majority of NFTs that are in the blockchain are de facto no longer worth anything today.” For Kaufland, this is “a perfect time, the NFT community with a good one Message to surprise.”

Because Kaufland, explains the associated press release with subtle irony, “enables the owners of NFTs to invest in fresh fruit and vegetables.” Anyone who donates the worthless NFTs to Kaufland will receive a 10-euro shopping voucher.

The “NFT Refresh” campaign runs at until 12 p.m. on October 30, 2023. So hold on.

I tried out the offer for you. The website is pretty nicely done. A “Wall of Lame” shows NFTs that were no longer worth much in their “old lives”. But everyone deserves a second chance. In the case of the NFTs we exchanged, they were actually pretty fresh. Apples, carrots, eggplants – what a delicious second life!”

Then let’s go! First you have to enter your email address. A link will then be sent to you and when you access it you can log in with a Web3 wallet like Metamask. But then came the first disappointment: only NFTs on Polygon are accepted. So I’ll probably stay with the old pigs, horses, trees and ninjas that I stuffed into my Ethereum wallet in 2021.

However, to my surprise, Kaufland’s website displayed dozens of NFTs. Apparently my Polygon wallet is from with them. A quick check in the block explorer confirms this. Spammers and scammers send you useless and worthless NFTs on Polygon every day. If you could exchange all of them for a voucher, that would of course be nice.

I try some that look the least like spam and the transaction to Kaufland actually works. But then a message pops up that the tokens will first be checked “manually”. I am excited!


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