Global investment giant Franklin Templeton is shedding light on Solana’s potential in the cryptocurrency landscape. According to a recent report from the company, entitled “Solana: Accelerated Adoption”, Solana is prepared to rise to the level of third largest cryptographic asset, joining the select club of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The report highlights that Solana has stood out for capturing the growth in crypto activity, especially driven by successful launches in the Solana ecosystem such as Jito and Pyth. These launches “created a billion-dollar wealth effect in the ecosystem,” driving up the value of SOL and other tokens in the Solana ecosystem, including meme coins.

Additionally, Solana has witnessed a dramatic increase in total fees and decentralized exchange volumes over the past year. Analysts at Franklin Templeton note that this significant growth is indicative of an ongoing positive trend.

The asset manager highlights that Solana is well-positioned to capture the next wave of adoption across multiple sectors such as decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN), payments (especially micropayments), compression of NFTs (XNFTs), and centralized limit order books ( CLOBs) with payment flow per order.

Although Solana has faced congestion challenges due to high demand, the developer community is actively engaged in finding solutions. A major catalyst expected to resolve these issues is Firedancer, a Solana validator client developed by Jump Crypto.

Franklin Templeton’s growing interest in Solana stems not only from Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko’s vision, but also from significant developments in the Solana ecosystem during the last quarter of 2023, including advancements in decentralized prediction markets (DePIN), DeFi, coins memes and NFTs.


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