Former Goldman Sachs executive Raoul Pal recently highlighted two major cryptocurrency ecosystems that are vying for leadership in the current digital asset market cycle. During an interview with Bankless, Pal shared his observations about Solana’s potential successors in the next bull market.

He is keeping an eye on which crypto assets could experience a parabolic rise similar to what Solana has experienced in recent years. According to Pal, the focus is on two main ecosystems: those that use the Move programming language and those that are based on Cosmos technology.

Projects that adopt the Move language, such as Sui (SUI) and Aptos (APT), were highlighted as main candidates in this race. On the other hand, in the Cosmos universe, the highlight is Celestia (TIA), one of the emerging currencies that uses the Cosmos SDK.

Raoul Pal emphasized the competition between these ecosystems in his words:
“Listening to people like Chris Burniske, Meltem Demirors, seeing what I’ve seen with things like the Sui Foundation, I make the case that there are two ecosystems that are likely to be in the running here. The first tier race, the big adoption. Tier 2 is a different conversation. I think it’s the Move protocol, it’s Sui and Aptos. May the best man win this type of game, because it is different and has many different use cases. And then there’s Cosmos: Celestia and others. They think this is the game to play. Maybe Avalanche. It was approved in the last cycle, but it doesn’t seem like it’s being adopted on a large scale, it’s kind of at the lower level…”

This dialogue illustrates Pal’s view on the importance of keeping up with these ecosystems, which not only compete with each other but also seek to establish themselves as leaders in the next phase of mass adoption of crypto assets.

Raoul Pal, a respected name in the world of finance and cryptocurrencies, continues to offer valuable insights for investors and market enthusiasts who closely follow his analysis and predictions.


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