Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin, along with developers Ansgar Dietrichs, Barnabe Monnot and Davide Crapis, has introduced a new proposal that promises to transform the way gas fees are calculated on the Ethereum network. Entitled “multidimensional gas”, this concept aims to solve the inefficiencies of the current one-dimensional gas system, which cannot differentiate between the different types of computational resources used during transactions.

In the traditional model, all operations, from simple calculations to complex processes such as generating cryptographic proofs, are measured by the same gas metric, often leading to over- or underutilization of resources. Buterin explained with a simple diagram that “the gas limit may suggest that a block can safely handle a certain amount of computation and data, but the reality of what is secure may be quite different.”

The implementation of multidimensional gas, through EIP-4844, allows the Ethereum network to more effectively manage the different demands imposed by various operations. This update is particularly advantageous for rollups, as they will be able to operate more economically, tripling the volume of transactions without the need to increase the block size and compromise network security.

Future improvements also include support for “stateless clients,” which are a new type of Ethereum client that does not require full blockchain storage. With the adoption of multidimensional gas, it is expected that the network will be able to process evidence more efficiently, which is essential for implementing these new customers, maintaining security and controlling costs for users.

This advancement in blockchain technology not only promises to make Ethereum more scalable and efficient, but also prepares the network to handle future demands without compromising its integrity.
At the time of publication, the price of ETH was quoted at US$3,012.20, up 1% in the last 24 hours.


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