A recent statement has XRP investors excited and anticipating what may lie ahead. Steven Nerayoff, who once advised Ethereum, brought to light an argument that makes many rethink their investment strategies.

Nerayoff, widely recognized in both the Ethereum and $XRP community, used the microblogging platform X to share his perspectives. Responding to a question from a curious user about XRP’s bright future potential, the consultant expressed his belief that the cryptocurrency’s price has “no limit” if the proposed goals are achieved.

Ripple, the fintech company that is a big name behind XRP, was highlighted by Nerayoff as a likely leader in the network effects scene. The expert suggests that if Ripple consolidates its position and XRP becomes widely adopted, the price of the cryptocurrency could skyrocket without a defined ceiling.

Nerayoff also made an intriguing comparison between the US dollar and XRP. He argued that just like the dollar, which is the global reserve currency and has network effects, price becomes secondary due to its intrinsic demand. With this, he raised the possibility that XRP could, to some degree, take on a role similar to that of the dollar in the future.

Nerayoff’s words resonate at a time when predictions about XRP are at an all-time high. It wasn’t long ago that a well-known crypto analyst released a rosy prediction, suggesting that XRP Ledger’s native token could reach as high as $220, based on historical trends.

However, Nerayoff also addressed the challenges facing Ripple, hinting that there may be some persecution of the company due to its immense potential in the cryptocurrency space.

While predictions are just estimates and the crypto market is fluid, the words of an influential advisor like Nerayoff certainly carry weight and have investors and enthusiasts looking at XRP with renewed interest.


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