The crypto market is witnessing a notable appreciation in Ethereum (ETH), which recently surpassed the $3,000 mark, something not seen since the spring of 2022. This phenomenon can be attributed to a number of strategic and operational factors that are shaping the future of the network.

At the time of publication, the price of ETH today was quoted at US$2,950 with a drop of 2% in the last 24 hours.

Ether price today
Binance chart

One of the primary reasons for this rise is the significant shift of users towards self-custody, reinforcing the idea of ​​direct ownership of digital assets. This trend is complemented by the anticipation of a crucial blockchain upgrade, known as Dencun, scheduled for March. This update promises significant improvements to Ethereum’s efficiency, scalability and security, consolidating its position against competitors like Solana.

CryptoQuant’s data analysis reveals a predominantly negative net flow of Ethereum on exchanges over the past month, indicating a possible reduction in selling pressure and an increase in long-term interest in the coin. “The move to self-custody is an optimistic sign,” as experts point out, “as it indicates a commitment by investors to retaining their assets.”

In addition to technical updates, the regulatory scenario also plays in Ethereum’s favor. The recent approval of Bitcoin ETFs in the US has set a positive precedent for the cryptocurrency space, and a similar movement is expected to occur for Ethereum. Institutions such as BlackRock and Franklin Templeton have already expressed interest in launching ETF products for Ethereum, which could significantly expand their investor base.

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, describes the Dencun upgrade as an important milestone for the network and its secondary layers. This phase, known as “The Surge,” is part of a broader roadmap that followed the historic transition to the Proof of Stake consensus algorithm with “The Merge.”

The implementation of Verkle Trees is another innovation awaited with the update, which is expected to reduce the required disk space, improve the efficiency of validation nodes and enhance the user experience.

While the market awaits regulatory and technical developments, Ethereum appears to be on a sustainable growth trajectory, fueled by both internal advances and growing interest from large financial institutions.


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