What is the date of the Bitcoin Halving in 2024? This has been an emphatic question for the crypto community as the event approaches, which promises to raise market prices.

The cryptocurrency analysis platform Glassnode shared, on January 18, a prediction for the date when the Bitcoin halving will take place. Glassnode highlighted that although this year’s halving is expected to take place at block 840,000, the exact date of the halving event remains uncertain.

Based on the current average block interval, Glassnode’s analysis highlighted that the fourth Bitcoin halving is predicted to take place in approximately 100 days.

“Although the fourth halving is pre-determined to occur at block height 840,000, the exact date is unknown due to the natural variability and probabilistic nature of mining blocks. Our best estimate, given the current average lockout interval, is that halving is 100 days away,” he wrote.

It is worth remembering that, previously, the platform had already shared a forecast of the halving date. In its calculations, Glassnode highlighted how much time remains before the largest cryptocurrency’s halving event, scheduled to take place between the months of April-May 2024. According to Glassnode’s calculations, the next Bitcoin halving will take place in April 23, 2024.

Expert shares prediction of new Bitcoin all-time high after halving 2024

Cryptocurrency expert Adrian Zduńczyk recently shared a very optimistic forecast for Bitcoin in 2024. For the trader, the largest cryptocurrency on the market will reach a new all-time high after the halving, being directly driven by some bullish catalysts.

In his analysis, Zduńczyk highlighted several factors that are predicted to increase the price of Bitcoin. The analyst also noted the rise in Bitcoin since the beginning of the year, highlighting the growth in investor confidence in this scenario.


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