At a time where technology and video games are increasingly intertwined, Elon Musk, the visionary behind companies like Tesla and SpaceX, decided to explore new horizons. Last October 6, the billionaire broadcast live playing the acclaimed online action RPG, Diablo 4, through X, a platform that was previously known as Twitter.

During the broadcast, which lasted almost an hour, Musk was very satisfied with the quality of the streaming. “The goal is for the audio to sound natural and for the image to be clear,” he commented. And, apparently, the X development team met expectations, as the transmission had no errors and interaction with viewers was fluid.

But what caught our attention wasn’t just the gambling. Musk revealed that X has plans to integrate streaming services with popular consoles like Xbox and PS5. However, he made a point of highlighting that the platform has no intention of surpassing specialized streaming services. “We’re not trying to be better than anyone else, but we want to provide an option within X,” he said. He added: “Specialized applications will probably be better in many ways, but we believe in the value of being a generalist application.”

Since rebranding Twitter to X in July, Musk has dedicated himself to transforming the platform into an “app for everything.” In addition to the already familiar features, X now supports financial services, including cryptocurrency transactions, and has introduced a revenue sharing model for X Premium subscribers.

Musk’s initiative seems to have pleased the public. The live broadcast had 2.8 million viewers in just a few hours and the tweet announcing the streaming reached 9.3 million views, with more than 5,300 shares.


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