As the world of cryptocurrencies continues to develop, El Salvador is taking a leap towards innovation. The country launched the Lava Pool, a pioneering project for Bitcoin mining powered by renewable geothermal energy. This mining pool is a collaboration between Volcano Energy and Luxor Technology Corporation.

Volcano Energy, in an innovative public-private partnership, undertakes to allocate 23% of its net revenue to the Salvadoran government. And it is through Lava Pool that the company intends to mine its Bitcoin blocks. Gerson Martinez, CSO of Volcano Energy, shared the company’s ambitious vision. “We want to create a company that, in addition to being profitable for investors, adds value to Salvadoran citizens,” said Martinez. The partnership with Luxor Technology, according to him, is a big step in that direction.

But, what does Luxor Technology bring to the table? Well, Luxor’s Hashrate Forward Marketplace will provide Volcano Energy with hedging strategies used by big names in Bitcoin mining. This will ensure that Lava Pool is protected against crypto market fluctuations.

Ethan Vera, COO at Luxor, sees this project as a boost to the geographic decentralization of Bitcoin mining. “El Salvador’s mission to integrate Bitcoin into its energy infrastructure will be reinforced with Lava Pool”, emphasized Vera.

The country has an abundance of renewable energy resources. Thus, Bitcoin mining in El Salvador could boost the local economy, bringing revenue for new energy projects. More than that, mining profits will be reinvested to strengthen El Salvador’s energy systems. This is a well-crafted plan aimed at energy security, economic development and a sustainable future for the nation.

With the Lava Pool in operation, El Salvador stands out once again on the global cryptocurrency and renewable energy scene, proving that innovation and sustainability can go hand in hand.


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