In a surprising turn of events, former United States President Donald Trump has announced that his campaign for the 2024 elections will now accept donations in various cryptocurrencies. This move marks a new phase in Trump’s relationship with blockchain technology, having previously expressed skepticism about the value of Bitcoin. The Trump campaign has detailed that it will accept coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Solana, USDC, XRP, Dogecoin, Cardano, SHIB and Avalanche.

This decision comes after Trump expressed a more favorable view of cryptocurrencies in February this year, recognizing Bitcoin as an “asset in its own right” and declaring that he could “live with it”. This acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a form of donation is seen as a strategy to attract a younger, more technologically inclined audience.

Furthermore, since leaving office, Trump has been exploring the digital world by launching three collections of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which appears to cement his growing acceptance of blockchain-based technologies.

The inclusion of cryptocurrencies in campaign donation options may also reflect an adaptive strategy to maximize campaign funding by taking advantage of the popularity and growing market of cryptocurrency investors. Trump’s decision to embrace cryptocurrencies in his campaign was confirmed by a professional responsible for it, who highlighted the importance of keeping up to date with technological and financial trends.

This move by Trump contrasts with his previous statements and demonstrates an openness to adopting new technologies that could significantly influence political financing in the United States. The acceptance of cryptocurrencies by electoral campaigns is a growing phenomenon and represents new territory in the exchange between politics and digital technology.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump confirm participation in CNN debate

In the current political scenario, a new dynamic between presidential rivals Joe Biden and Donald Trump is taking shape with the confirmation of both for a debate organized by CNN, scheduled for June 27th. This event is considered atypical due to its advance in the electoral calendar, suggesting an intense campaign for the 2024 elections.

Both candidates have positioned themselves assertively, with Trump quickly accepting the invitation and expressing a willingness to debate “anywhere, anytime”, according to his own words in a post on platform X.

For his part, Biden, despite not fully committing to the debate format, expressed enthusiasm about confronting Trump again, highlighting a defiant stance in a recent video where he reiterates his victory over Trump in the 2020 debates and hints at Trump’s subsequent evasion. of these confrontations. Discussions between both teams continue, with significant differences over the format of the debate, including the possible presence of an audience, highlighting the differences between the two leaders.


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