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Cryptocurrency analyst Michaël van de Poppe excited Dogecoin (DOGE) fans by predicting a 600% increase in the memecoin’s value. On May 31, van de Poppe stated that memecoin could reach up to US$1 if there is a major trend break.

“This (DOGE) is such an easy play. I think we will see a big breakout, and it may even be possible to reach $1.00 again this cycle,” van de Poppe said. In Bitcoin (BTC), the analyst believes that DOGE could go from the current 0.00000216 BTC and reach more than 0.00001300 BTC – an increase of more than six times.

When DOGE reached its all-time high in 2021, it reached a price of $0.69. Therefore, van de Poppe’s forecast suggests an additional gain of 31%, which is not an impossible percentage. Bitcoin’s bull cycle could begin soon and altcoins tend to benefit heavily when it rises.

And if DOGE manages to reach $1.00, a wave of optimism could cause new all-time highs in most memecoins. Furthermore, some tokens that are in their pre-sale phase can still benefit from this upward movement, and two of them are PlayDoge and Base Dawgz.

Dogecoin a US$ 1,00 em 2025?

Being the leader among memecoins, DOGE is the first to benefit from any upward movement. The price of memecoin is quoted at US$0.16, but there are those who say that memecoin could reach more than US$0.20 this June alone.

The main trigger that can trigger a strong rally in DOGE is the fear of missing out, or FOMO. And this depends on the feeling of euphoria about memecoins in 2024. If FOMO around Dogecoin continues to grow, and if the currency is promoted by influencers, its price could reach US$1.07.

However, if Dogecoin fails to maintain its current growth rate but still manages to piggyback on an eventual Bitcoin rally, its price will likely average $0.84.

The worst case scenario, however, is if DOGE fails to remain relevant in 2024 and also in 2025. Then the price of the cryptocurrency could rise much less than expected and reach a maximum of US$0.62, without even breaking its last top.


In just over a week, the pre-sale of this memecoin increased its revenue eight times, from US$300,000 on May 29th to more than US$2.6 million this Thursday (6). This movement indicates a strong growth in interest in memecoins, but also a success of the PlayDoge model.

Inspired by Tamagochi, a popular game in the 1990s, PlayDoge brings back nostalgia and combines it with the modernity of cryptocurrencies.

PlayDoge is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game, which offers tokens as payment for players to complete certain tasks. According to the official website, the goal is to care for a Shiba Inu puppy named PlayDoge and “ensure its well-being through timely feeding, entertainment, training and sleep.”

This model is the same as the old Tamagochi, where you need to keep your pet alive and healthy. But the difference is that you must also do tasks such as taking your pet out for fun, exercising and completing certain tasks. For each mission completed, the game offers a reward paid in PLAY, the token that is currently on pre-sale.

This token can be earned in-game or purchased on exchanges after launch. But if you want to take advantage of the opportunity to buy it and get great returns, pre-sale is the best option. Visit the official PlayDoge website and secure your tokens.

Base Dawgz

This new pre-sale brings together two of the most radical things out there: memecoins and a sport called base jumping. Also known as “free fall”, the sport involves jumping without any type of parachute, just wearing a special suit that glides in the air.

In this sense, Base Dawgz is the ideal memecoin for those who want adventure and innovation. Its native network is Base, from Coinbase, which gained fame with the success of the BRETT memecoin. But adventurous in its own right, memecoin will also jump – pardon the pun – between networks like Ethereum, Solana and BSC. She doesn’t just push boundaries, but wants to break them.

And although Base Jump is a free fall sport, Base Dawgz aims to climb and offer high emotions along with expressive returns. The memecoin presale started at a price of US$0.00479, with 20% of the tokens being available for purchase during the presale.

You can now take advantage of the lowest price in this first round of launch by clicking on the official pre-sale website and securing your tokens.

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