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Pixels, a blockchain-based 2D farming game, recently announced a notable achievement: it surpassed the 1 million daily active users mark. This achievement, announced by the game developer, signals a significant milestone in the cryptocurrency-based gaming scene.

Before that, on May 2nd, the game had already recorded another record, adding more than 3 million unique wallets. Unlike other hits like Axie Infinity, Pixels can be played for free.

Built on the Ronin blockchain, Pixels is redefining the standards of what is possible in the emerging Web3 gaming space. Luke Barwikowski, CEO and founder of Pixels, emphasizes that the crucial metric for success in Web3 is not just the number of users, but the ratio of PIXEL spent to PIXEL distributed.

In the last 30 days, approximately 4.4 million PIXEL were spent, equivalent to approximately US$1.6 million. This statistic demonstrates not only the game’s popularity, but also the dynamic economic activity within its ecosystem.

The rise of Pixels reflects a broader trend in the world of blockchain-based gaming. While bigger budget projects with ambitions to compete with AAA titles are in development, it’s the success of games like Axie Infinity and now Pixels that are capturing attention.

Pixels is Ronin’s second success

Axie Infinity, another blockchain game, has attracted millions of users, especially in the Philippines, where it has become a source of income during the pandemic. This phenomenon exemplifies the potential of crypto gaming not just as entertainment, but as a platform for economic gain.

Pixels has not only reached a user milestone but also diversified its base globally. Of the 18 million visitors to the game’s website in April, 18% were from the Philippines, while Brazil, Thailand and Indonesia each accounted for about 9% of traffic.

Additionally, Pixels’ recent migration to the Ronin blockchain has contributed to its continued success. This change provided greater efficiency and faster speeds, improving the user experience and attracting even more players.

To participate in the world of Pixels, players only need a Ronin Network-compatible digital wallet, such as MetaMask or Coinbase. With a simple wallet setup, players can dive into a 2D farming universe, powered by blockchain technology and the $PIXEL utility token.

$PIXEL plays a key role within the game, providing access to various features such as associations, pets and skins, as well as speeding up building times and temporarily increasing players’ energy.

As Pixels continues to captivate a global audience and shape the future of blockchain-based gaming, its success exemplifies the transformative potential of this intersection between crypto and digital entertainment. With a growing user base and a vibrant internal economy, Pixels is paving the way for a new era of decentralized, economically inclusive gaming.

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