The strategies of whales, the major investors in this market, offer a glimpse into emerging investment patterns. Recently, a notorious figure in the space, known as paulo.sol, redirected his attention and financial resources from Solana mem tokens like WIF, BODEN, and BONK to other emerging altcoins, namely PUPS and POPCAT.

Baleia paulo.sol, whose financial maneuvers have been the subject of fervent discussion, recorded impressive gains from its previous bets. According to information released by Lookonchain, he made a substantial profit of US$9.51 million with WIF, US$7.04 million with BODEN and US$6.28 million with BONK, accumulating a total of US$22.83 million.

paulo.sol’s change of focus did not go unnoticed, generating curiosity about his new investment choices. β€œWhat a legend! paulo.sol made a profit of US$9.51 million on WIF, US$7.04 million on BODEN and US$6.28 million on BONK. We recently noticed that paulo.sol bought PUPS and POPCAT,” highlighted a cryptocurrency enthusiast in a public post.

At the beginning of this new phase, paulo.sol invested US$ 1.77 million in the purchase of 4.3 million POPCATs, each at US$ 0.42. Since April 11, he has also spent US$5.97 million to acquire 101,712 PUPS at US$59 each, consolidating himself as the largest holder of these tokens on the Solana blockchain.

This movement reflects a broader trend in the world of cryptocurrencies, where experienced investors are always looking for new opportunities, especially in tokens that may not be well known to the general public, but which have potential for appreciation. This diversified strategy may be an indication of a new phase of interest and appreciation within the sector.


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