In a time of adversity, the solidarity of the cryptocurrency community shines through. Crypto Aid Israel, an initiative comprised of prominent names in the world of crypto as well as notable organizations such as 42Studio and MarketAcross, is taking significant steps to help those who have been affected by recent hardships.

To date, the Web3 community and cryptocurrency enthusiasts have demonstrated their collective strength by contributing an impressive $185,000, the equivalent of approximately 700,000 NIS, to this humanitarian effort, showing the power of unity in challenging times.

Several companies also mobilized for this cause. Big names, including renowned accounting firm KPMG, are playing crucial roles, helping with both the distribution of funds and fundraising. Other companies, such as Zengo, Fuse, Wonderland and Psagot Equity, are offering significant support, whether through public relations or financial contributions.

Recently, Crypto Aid Israel reported the completion of two rounds of aid disbursement, totaling NIS 200,000, to assist several groups on the front lines of this crisis. These resources are primarily intended to provide significant assistance to those in need.

Several non-governmental organizations have benefited from this initiative. The Eshkol Regional Council Citizens’ Advancement Foundation, for example, provides essential services to communities in southern Israel, supporting transportation and housing needs of individuals in regions near Gaza. In addition, Zaka, a volunteer organization, also received funding to secure medical equipment and other vital supplies for its volunteers. Latet, which fights poverty in Israel, was also included, strengthening food security and social support in needy areas.

However, not everything has been easy. Crypto Aid Israel has faced significant challenges such as phishing attacks and technical issues on its website. But with determination and focus on transparency, the organization has overcome these obstacles, keeping its mission firm and clear.

Tim Freed, prominent leader of Crypto Aid Israel, shared his sentiment: “The response and support from the global cryptocurrency community has been incredible. Together, we are making a difference for those affected by recent adversity. The power of crypto as a positive force is evident.”


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