China Mobile, the telecommunications giant, launches a historic milestone with the introduction of LinkNFT, an innovative marketplace dedicated to non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This development is a key component in the initiative to lead the new generation of Web3.0 Internet in Hong Kong, representing a significant advancement in the integration of digital technologies.

LinkNFT is a shining example of innovation, providing Hong Kongers with unprecedented access to an emerging digital economy. It combines the virtual and real worlds in a way never seen before, promising to put Hong Kong at the forefront of the Web3.0 era. This NFT marketplace stands out for its unique ability to offer NFT digital asset casting services, opening up a range of opportunities in areas such as SocialFi, DeFi and GameFi. Thanks to CMChain’s standard 3-in-1 cross-chain components, LinkNFT achieves Web3.0 compatibility by elegantly integrating a cross-chain service contract, an adapter, and a smart contract association chain.

In addition to its technical prowess, LinkNFT offers Hong Kong residents the ability to manage their digital assets, including Ethereum and others available on Opensea, through the LinKey digital wallet. This wallet is an integral part of MyLink, an exclusive offering from China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK).

CMHK’s collaboration with various industries has resulted in the release of over 30 NFTs on LinkNFT. These include commemorative NFTs and collaborations with renowned entities, providing not only collectible value but also exclusive rights and privileges, enhancing the Web3.0 experience for the Hong Kong community.

LinkNFT is not limited to just being an NFT marketplace; it symbolizes a significant breakthrough in realizing a comprehensive Web3.0 digital lifestyle in Hong Kong. Behind LinkNFT is MyLink, a platform that is expanding the Web3.0 application ecosystem by establishing a unified digital identity for Hong Kong citizens. This effort is aimed at valuing personal data and integrating various assets into the blockchain through decentralized applications.

The goal of MyLink and LinkNFT is to radically transform the use and value of business data in the digital environment. The initiative aims to create a cooperative Web3.0 ecosystem, facilitating interaction and continuous data exchange between different platforms and entities. This ecosystem not only improves the utility of data, but also establishes a new paradigm for data rights and use in the Web3.0 era.

Finally, China Mobile’s launch of LinkNFT is a turning point for Hong Kong’s digital landscape. By facilitating access to Web3.0 and integrating advanced blockchain technologies, LinkNFT is poised to revolutionize Hong Kong citizens’ interaction with the digital world. This initiative not only provides a robust platform for NFTs, but also paves the way for a more interconnected and digitally advanced society, positioning Hong Kong as a leader in the global Web3.0 era.


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