In practically the entire world, casinos constitute an important, well-known and widespread segment of the traditional market. From the imagery created by Hollywood films to the largest gaming center in the world, which is located in Las Vegas, it is practically impossible to find someone who doesn’t know what we are talking about when we talk about casino, games and the fun provided to gamblers.

Furthermore, since the popularization of online casinos, these betting houses are no longer something unattainable for players from countries that prohibit them, such as Brazil. Now everyone can enjoy the casino experience without leaving home and still earn income from it.

Some of the most relevant betting houses on the market are not simply casinos, but bitcoin casinos. This metonymy used to describe casinos indicates that, in addition to masterfully exploring online games, bitcoin casinos accept and encourage the circulation of cryptocurrencies.

Thus, we have a casino of this type that has been attracting a lot of attention from the crypto market and the gaming market, due to its boldness of not only accepting digital assets, but also creating its own cryptocurrency in the casino ecosystem. We are talking about TG.Casino, a currency highlighted by ChatGPT as the current trend in the gaming world and also highly promising in the digital assets market. Read on to learn more about this impressive project.

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In this article, we will discuss:

What is TG. Casino and why does ChatGPT consider it innovative?

TG.Casino is an online betting house that fits into the growing cryptocurrency casino market niche. The casino operates 100% online and has its physical headquarters in Curaçao, the country in which it obtained its operating license, ensuring that it is a legitimate establishment.

Recently, the casino, which already had an excellent reputation among bettors, also attracted attention in the crypto scene, for launching a pre-sale of a cryptocurrency with exclusive advantages for bettors and enthusiasts who intend to invest in their own bookmaker.

ChatGPT has identified TG.Casino as a promising investment and, therefore, indicates it as an important trend. Considering the relevance of predictive analyzes using artificial intelligence, ChatGPT’s suggestion may prove to be correct in the near future.

Creating your own ecosystem, taking advantage of the bookmaker’s structure, is still a very uncommon type of approach among cryptocurrency casinos. Much more often it is only accepting payments in crypto assets so that players can place their bets.

In this way, this demonstrates the strategic decision to niche the market to also provide the opportunity to bet on new approaches and opportunities for customers, in order to increase engagement in the bookmaker itself, spread the house’s name and encourage reinvestment. All of this makes TG.Casino an outlier and has the attention of the market and AI tools, such as ChatGPT.

Stake and earn rewards daily

One of the most innovative features of the TG.Casino ecosystem is the rewards system for asset owners who choose to stake their tokens. Staking is nothing more than an application of the token in the ecosystem to receive rewards. It works in a very similar way to fixed income investments, which are quite common in the traditional financial system.

In the case of TG.Casino, by choosing to stake your TGC tokens, you have the opportunity to receive daily rewards and see your balance growing quickly. Currently, the developers claim that the asset’s staking APY is set at 1938.33%.

Furthermore, unlike what is common with some cryptocurrencies, TG.Casino does not block your income obtained from staking. This means that you have the freedom to decide whether you want to use your income in cassino online immediately, whether you prefer to withdraw or whether you consider it more advantageous to increase your invested assets to receive more future income.

Furthermore, by staking your TGC tokens you unlock access to exclusive ecosystem rewards, which are calculated based on your balance. In other words, the higher your balance and staking returns, the greater the benefits you receive.

Tokenomics do TG.Casino

This promising project has a good organization and a strategic distribution of tokens, covering all phases of the project. To do this, developers need to plan how to distribute the limited supply of tokens that will be minted on the blockchain and need to allocate a portion of these assets to each phase, increasing the asset’s profitability and avoiding obsolescence.

Taking into account that TG.Casino has a highly qualified and experienced development team, the project’s tokenomics is very well organized. Discover the division of tokens:

  • 20% of the tokens will be allocated to the liquidity pool;
  • 20% of tokens go to staking rewards;
  • 40% of tokens will be sold in the pre-sale;
  • 10% of the tokens will be allocated to player rewards;
  • 5% of assets will be allocated to affiliates;
  • 5% of the assets will be allocated to marketing the project.

Buy TG.Casino now and be part of the gaming revolution

TG.Casino is in pre-sale phase for a limited time. This means that you can buy TGC tokens at a special price and enjoy the profits from the asset and staking right away. The estimated price for the listing is US$0.0125, but there are high chances that the price of the TGC token will rise quickly after the start of trading on major exchanges.

To purchase, you need to access the project’s official website, choose your preferred cryptocurrency wallet, send your ETH or USDT tokens and connect your wallet to the presale website.

Then just choose the number of tokens and complete your purchase. The pre-sale will be available as long as the US$1 million fundraising goal is not reached or as long as all tokens allocated for this phase are not sold. So, don’t waste time and buy your TGC tokens right now.

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