Intersect, a key player in the Cardano ecosystem, is reportedly not currently accepting payments with the blockchain’s native cryptocurrency, ADA, sparking several debates in the community. The information was released through an image capture from a member of the Cardano community who revealed the measure on the X platform, on May 30.

The news surprised Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano and member of Intersect. When commenting on the matter, Hoskinson expressed surprise and expressed his concern about the measure. The creator of the ADA highlighted that he would request an immediate explanation from the council.

“This worries me deeply and surprises me. I will immediately request an explanation from the board as a member of the Intersect,” she wrote.

A priori, Intersect limited payment options to fiat currencies, causing some confusion and frustration among the Cardano community. Intersect stands out for its focus on the continuity and future development of the Cardano blockchain, a goal that includes community-led governance and open source development.

Charles Hoskinson Reveals Advances in Cardano’s Ouroboros Genesis Protocol

In a recent revelation, Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, captured the attention of the crypto community with the introduction of Ouroboros Genesis, a significant upgrade to the blockchain consensus protocol. Using a suggestive GIF, Hoskinson expressed the community’s anticipation for the platform’s new phase, symbolizing a renewal that promises to strengthen and scale the network effectively.

The evolution of the Ouroboros protocol has been a journey of continuous refinement, starting with Ouroboros Classic, moving on to Ouroboros BFT, and later Ouroboros Praos. Each version has brought critical improvements, and now, Genesis arrives to consolidate these advances. This latest design is especially aimed at improving node security, crucial for those joining the network for the first time or returning after a break.


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