Charles Hoskinson, the founder of renowned blockchain platform Cardano, extended an intriguing invitation to ousted OpenAI CEO Sam Altman who was fired from OpenAI yesterday. This proposal aims to incorporate Altman into an ambitious project: the creation of a decentralized large language model (LLM) in the Cardano ecosystem.

This news comes at a strategic time, shortly after Cardano’s announcement that it will be using the Polkadot stack on its public chain. It’s important to remember that Hoskinson is no stranger to blockchain innovations, being one of the five original founders of Ethereum.

The development of the LLM on blockchain is seen as a significant step forward in the industry. This model will enable the creation of decentralized applications capable of processing inputs and outputs in natural language, a notable advance in the field of artificial intelligence applied to cryptocurrencies.

This innovative project will be implemented on the Cardano public chain, a platform recognized for its ability to create custom blockchains to meet specific use cases. Sam Altman’s experience as an entrepreneur and investor, especially in his involvement with successful startups like Loopt, Hydrazine Capital and, most notably, OpenAI, suggests significant potential for this collaboration.

The partnership between Hoskinson and Altman promises to be a milestone for Cardano’s partner chain and the cryptocurrency field as a whole. With the integration of a talent like Altman, LLM development is expected to advance rapidly, setting a new standard for decentralized applications.

In a market that constantly seeks innovation and efficiency, this partnership indicates a promising future for the Cardano blockchain. The intersection between artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, facilitated by prominent industry figures, suggests a remarkable evolution in the way we interact with and use cryptocurrencies and decentralized technologies.


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