Amid the waves of uncertainty that often wash over Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, the central figure behind Cardano, took the initiative to clear up misunderstandings about the Hydra project through X (formerly Twitter). With a straightforward approach, he dispelled the “FUD” (fear, uncertainty and doubt) surrounding this development, assuring the community that, against all speculation, the Hydra protocol is not only staying its course, but is moving forward with momentum. renovated.

Hoskinson faced questions ranging from the functionality of the ERC20 converter to Cardano’s initiatives in Africa and Mongolia, revealing notable progress. He emphasized the successful launch of SingularityNET on Cardano, highlighting it as a significant milestone, in addition to the company RealFi’s ongoing efforts in Africa and the fulfillment of pilot and developer training programs in Mongolia.

I’m seeing some videos claiming that Hydra has been abandoned. It’s pure FUD. The team has never been so productive and motivated, there is great community involvement and new work is underway to improve the protocol. If you are curious about the project, visit for the latest information. Charles Hoskinson said.

Cardano’s robustness as a platform of choice for developers also came to light in a discussion with Chris Burniske, a recognized voice in the crypto space. Burniske pointed out a discrepancy in adoption between Cardano and Ethereum, to which Hoskinson responded with an insightful observation about quality versus quantity in the development ecosystem.

Hoskinson’s interaction on X shone a light on several aspects of Cardano, reaffirming its commitment and continued progress. By directly responding to the community’s concerns, he not only addressed specific concerns but also reinforced confidence in the path Cardano is taking.


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