Casio, the Japanese electronics giant, announced the launch of its second collection of NFTs, that is, digital art collectibles in less than four months. This initiative highlights the company’s growing foray into the digital space, demonstrating a significant commitment to the intersection between technology and digital art.

Casio’s newly launched digital collectibles are a fusion of innovation and design, incorporating incentives tied to Ethereum NFTs. The new range comprises two distinct designs: the VGA-001 and VGA-002, both displaying a futuristic aesthetic and unique visual appeal.

Casio NFTs are setting a new standard for digital art in the market. The 2,000 items in the “G-Shock Virtual” collection are available for purchase, unlike the first free NFTs in the company’s G-Shock Creator Pass series. The sale of the new NFTs began on Saturday, December 16, 2023, at 12 pm Japanese standard time, marking an important milestone for Casio in this emerging crypto market.

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Innovation and Design meet in Casio’s new NFTs

In an effort to engage the community, Casio is offering exclusive early access to existing members who own the initial Polygon-based NFTs. This privileged access will last until December 18th, after which the sale will be open to the general public.

One of the big attractions of these NFTs is the unique opportunity to access exclusive Casio experiences. Holders of Ethereum NFTs get a pass for a behind-the-scenes journey, including a visit to the G-SHOCK Laboratory in Tokyo, where they can witness the products’ rigorous durability testing. Additionally, there will be a roundtable with designers, offering an insider’s look at the creative process behind the virtual G-Shock models.

Casio launches G-SHOCK NFTs through Polygon

A new era of digital collections

For NFT collectors, Casio promises an even richer experience. They will receive exclusive materials related to Virtual G-Shock watches and will have priority when purchasing future waves of Virtual G-Shock NFTs. In addition, they gain opportunities to collaborate in the creation of new digital products.

The VGA-001 and VGA-002 designs, central elements of the launch, are perfect examples of Casio’s ability to combine cutting-edge technology with creative design. With 1,000 pieces of each design available at 0.1 ETH per item (equivalent to about $230 at the time of writing), Casio not only expands its portfolio but also reaffirms its commitment to innovation in the digital space.

In short, Casio is paving the way for new forms of engagement and artistic expression in the crypto world, redefining the boundaries between traditional technology and the emerging universe of NFTs.


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