2 mayo 2022

The importance of casinos has been transferred to the big screen on multiple occasions. And it is that casinos have always aroused interest in all people regardless of age. Nor does it understand borders. If you are a lover of good cinema, you will love this post! Since it combines cinema with the world of the casino.

The cinema has always been a big draw since its inception, just like the casinos! One only has to see the gradual increase in users of the casinos online. Furthermore, casinos are spaces that are associated with luxury and glamour, thus they have been the setting for some of the greatest movies of all time!

Gilda (1946)

A whole classic! With the magnificent Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford, who gives life to Johnny, a man who lives by gambling. And to which fate will lead him to be the right hand of a casino owner, Gilda’s future husband! Most of the film takes place in this space, including the famous scene of Gilda singing in a black dress.

Casino (1995)

Directed by Martin Scorsese and with great actors such as Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone. It takes place in the 70s in Las Vegas. In this place, in addition to gangsters, there are dealers, moneylenders, millionaires… and among them stories that take place in the casino and that you won’t be able to leave until you reach the end.

Oceans Eleven (2001)

In addition to an amazing cast of actors like Matt Damon, Julia Roberts, Georges Clooney and Brad Pitt, it offers entertainment from start to finish. Danny Ocean, after getting out of jail, already plans the robbery at different casinos and for this he will have a great team. But… there is always something that goes wrong.

Rain Man (1988)

This is a film that has won 4 Oscars, a Golden Globe and different awards around the world. Unforgettable are the casino scenes where Raymond (Dustin Hoffman), brother of Charlie (Tom Cruise), wins at roulette thanks to his high IQ.

The Hangover (2009)

It also takes place in Las Vegas, how could it be otherwise, since it is the place par excellence associated with casinos. At a bachelor party, the boyfriend and his friends have a great time. The next day, the boyfriend has disappeared and a boy and a tiger appear in his room. And no one remembers anything! What would happen the night before?

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