Cardano (ADA) has demonstrated a week full of technological advances and significant improvements. With IOHK leading the way, the platform not only secured notable progress in its infrastructure but also saw ADA price end the week on an encouraging high.

Among the most notable updates, the introduction of the latest version of the node, v.8.10.0-pre, in SanchoNet deserves special attention. This version is currently undergoing testing focused on governance, a fundamental step to ensure the effectiveness and democratization of decision-making on the network. Cardano’s accounting team, in turn, has made significant improvements to the testing framework and data quality, reaffirming the commitment to the stability and reliability of the platform.

Additionally, the upcoming Lace v.1.9 update promises to enrich the user experience with new features and improvements, while the Plutus team’s script optimization guide targets improved efficiency of smart contracts.

Cardano’s scaling effort has also received a significant boost. The Hydra team has restored cross-network test compatibility and implemented several important fixes, signaling ongoing efforts to increase network efficiency. The updates to Voltaire and SanchoNet, in turn, reflect a focus on governance and operational efficiency, with processes being optimized for agility and effectiveness.

Cardano’s development report shared valuable insights into the Hydra team’s progress:

“This week, the team restored testing compatibility with all networks and reviewed and merged streaming plugins. Additionally, we fixed tutorial instructions for downloading the latest cardano-node and resolved a bug observed from contesters. We prepared a pull request for downstream customers to implement the new API format for transactions, a change that will require a significantly changed release, and recorded a walkthrough video on how we manage the Hydra project.”

The Mithril team also brought news, with the release of the Mithril distribution 2412.0 file. This update brings critical improvements such as support for the Prometheus metrics endpoint and the full implementation of the Pallas-based chain observer.

As we look to the future, Cardano continues to pave the way for disruptive innovation in the world of cryptocurrencies, marking each week with progress and development. At the time of publication, the price of ADA today was quoted at US$0.6484 with a drop of 1% in the last 24 hours.


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