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Among the Top 100 cryptocurrencies, the BRETT memecoin was one of the biggest highlights of the week. After being the first memecoin on the Base network to reach US$ 1 million in market value, memecoin had another strong increase of 24% this Friday (7) and renewed its historic high.

As a result, BRETT accumulates gains of more than 85% for the week. In the Top 100, it was the cryptocurrency that appreciated the most during this period, surpassing giants such as PEPE and Dogecoin (DOGE). Furthermore, BRETT has already accumulated gains of more than 370% in the last 30 days.

However, the BRETT Relative Strength Index (RSI) at 77.46 and Stochastic at 91.10 indicate an overbought condition. In other words, prices are already starting to become stretched as memecoin continues to renew its highs. Therefore, other memecoins offer better earning opportunities and appreciate as much as BRETT. Some of them are:

Memecoin Floki

Just like what happened with BRETT, the memecoin FLOKI also broke its all-time high this week. In the last 30 days it has accumulated an increase of 80%, with 19% coming this week alone. That’s why FLOKI has indicators that point to greater upside potential at this moment.

Along with the more modest performance, FLOKI has in its favor a more developed ecosystem that includes games and even NFTs, which makes its “Flokiverse” something quite attractive. Its appeal also lies in the strong community around memecoin, which has already secured strong valuations during the 2021 bull cycle.

With early growth potential, more accessible prices and several services around its blockchain, FLOKI could be one of the leaders of the new memecoin bull cycle.


A pre-sale that started a week ago, but has already increased the amount raised by almost 10 times. This is PlayDoge, whose PLAY token sold US$300,000 on the first day and today is approaching US$3 million. The success of the “Tamagochi memecoin” made the memecoin raise an average of US$400,000 per day, which is a very high sum for a debuting memecoin.

This success was largely due to the proposal of the Play-to-Earn (P2E) game inspired by Tamagochi, a popular game in the 1990s. Just like its predecessor, PlayDoge features a pet, represented here by a dog, which must be fed every day. It is the player’s job to give him water, take him for walks, exercise and also do his basic needs.

But since PlayDoge is a blockchain game, it also offers PLAY tokens to players, who can earn them by completing specific tasks, such as in-game missions. These missions can include capturing items to carrying out missions to rescue your PlayDoge’s animal friends.

The PLAY token is the reward paid for games, but it will also be available for purchase on exchanges after launch. And the best way to take advantage of its huge upside potential is to purchase it in advance through the official PlayDoge website. Enter now and secure your tokens.

Base Dawgz

Just like BRETT, this new memecoin whose pre-sale began this week has Base, from Coinbase, as its original network. However, it also ventures into other blockchains, as it will support networks such as Ethereum, Solana and BNB.

Its main inspiration is a sport called base jumping, or “free fall”, which consists of jumping without any type of parachute, just with a special suit that glides in the air. The Base Dawgz memecoin is a Shiba Inu dog that calls itself “bold and innovative” enough to attempt risky flights.

Promising to be another success, the presale of the network’s tokens (DAWGZ) raised more than US$300,000 on the first day and has already surpassed the US$400,000 mark. The price of the token in this first round of pre-sale is US$0.00479, with 20% of the offer going to the initial phase. Click here and purchase your tokens before the price change.

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