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The floods that have been plaguing Rio Grande do Sul since last week have already caused the greatest tragedy in the state’s history. According to Civil Defense data, as of May 5, 75 had died as a result of the floods, while 103 people were missing. Another 155 were injured and the floods have already affected 334 municipalities.

But the numbers of non-fatal victims are even higher. Around 16,000 people are in shelters organized by city halls and another 88,019 remain homeless. There are more than 100 thousand people who lost their homes and more than 700 thousand people were affected by the floods in some way.

In Rolante, the world capital of Bitcoin (BTC), the situation reached critical levels after the city was invaded by almost 1 meter of water. The flood destroyed houses, supermarkets and, more seriously, even affected the city’s hospital, the first in the world to accept BTC. Due to the rain, the hospital had to completely stop its activities, leaving the population without access to health services.

Faced with the chaos and destruction brought by the rains, the Brazilian bitcoiner community took action and created initiatives to raise funds and resources to help the population of Rio Grande do Sul. And CriptoFácil brings five of these initiatives that have open campaigns, see how to help.

The name is Foxbit

The first two campaigns came from Bitso and Foxbit exchanges, which launched their respective campaigns. Bitso created an email ([email protected]) specifically for receiving donations, which can be made through the exchange application. This campaign runs until May 12th and, for every R$1.00 donated by its customers, Bitso will donate another R$1.00.

At the end of the campaign, Bitso will render its accounts and donate the funds raised to the SOS Rio Grande do Sul account, organized by the state government.

“Unfortunately, we are facing the biggest climate disaster in history in Rio Grande do Sul and every contribution is important and urgent at this time. We are all mobilized to help victims and using the universality of crypto to create a global support network”, comments Thales Freitas, CEO of Bitso Brasil.

Another exchange that organized its campaign was Foxbit, which is collecting donations until Tuesday (7). To donate, simply scan one of the QR codes below and send your cryptocurrencies to the selected wallet. It is possible to make donations in BTC, Ethereum (ETH) or with the USDT stablecoin.

Go BTC e Arthur Mining

Go BTC, a company that transformed Porto Alegre into one of the most bitcoinized cities in the world, also joined the movement of solidarity with the people of Rio Grande do Sul. Through the Geyser crowdfunding platform, the company launched a campaign to raise BTC to make donations to those affected by the rain.

Using Geyser, the Go BTC campaign aims to reach donations from people all over the world, as the platform is international. According to the campaign website, which ends this Monday (6), more than 500,000 satoshis have already been raised, or around R$1,600 at current values. Until this article is written, the campaign remains open for donations.

“There are thousands of homeless people in extreme risk, river levels continue to rise and our community has boats and jet skis rescuing people. The funds raised will be allocated to vulnerable families in the Sarandi neighborhood in the city of Porto Alegre to purchase mattresses and blankets”, said Diogo Mury, founder of Go BTC.

But the strength of the campaign extended to BTC miners, who were also willing to help. In that regard, Red Pellinifounder of Arthur Mining, announced initiatives by state and federal deputies for RS, Felipe Camozatto and Marcel Van Hatten, in addition to supporting Foxbit’s campaign.

Furthermore, the miner known as Azul do Fusca launched a campaign focusing exclusively on mining. According to the proposal, miners of BTC, Kaspa and other cryptocurrencies can use a Nicehash wallet, where anyone can mine. This way, anyone who has anything from a CPU to an ASIC can donate part of their mining income.

Rolling Efforts

Finally, the Bitcoin é Aqui community, which brought Bitcoin heavily to Rolante, also came together in this difficult time to help Rio Grande do Sul. Using local support, the city came together to help the homeless with food, mattresses and other essential items.

To donate funds in BTC to the project and help with the crisis, you can make donations through the following means:

  • Pix: 51.299.707/0001-81;

  • Bitcoin (via Lightning): [email protected];

  • Bitcoin (via onchain): bc1q4w3mc5uztsznk6v64hwj097umr3p4cepayt6d3.

Finally, the last campaign is organized by the Rolante hospital, the first in the world to accept BTC as payment, which is collecting donations via Pix. Furthermore, part of the BTC donations raised by Bitcoin é Aqui will also go to help rebuild the institution, which suffered losses of essential equipment such as stethoscopes and specialized machines.

Source: Rolante Hospital Foundation.

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