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The Blockchain Rio Festival 2023 is taking place in the city of Rio de Janeiro, an event focused on Web3, business and trends. The meeting brings together 300 experts in financial innovation, tokenization, creative economy, artificial intelligence, Drex and much more.

The Blockchain Rio Festival 2023 takes place between the 12th and 14th of September, from 9am to 8pm, at Expo Mag, Cidade Nova, in Rio de Janeiro.

The co-founder of CriptoFácil, Paulo Aragão, will participate in the event alongside other expert speakers.

“I am very excited to have been invited to speak at the Blockchain Rio Festival 2023 event. It will be an excellent opportunity to share my perspectives on blockchain and discuss the future of this disruptive technology alongside other experts in the sector”, highlighted Aragão.

Blockchain Rio Festival 2023

According to the organization, the Blockchain Rio Festival 2023 has eight different stages and 21 tracks to address topics such as the direction of Drex (formerly digital real), tokenization of assets, blockchain in the energy sector, digital fashion, among other topics.

The event organizers expect to receive around 5 thousand people per day in this edition, thus surpassing the last program held in São Paulo in June this year.

“This festival is the biggest business catalyst, recognized for promoting high-level connections with business decision-makers and opportunity generators. We stand out for being a native Web3 event bringing together renowned experts in disruptive technologies”, highlighted Francisco Carvalho, CEO of Blockchain Rio.

The Blockchain Rio Festival also integrates artificial intelligence, IoT, startups, entrepreneurship and the metaverse. In addition, participants will find immersive experiences, attractions, conversation circles, workshops, exhibitions and activations that integrate technology, education, sustainability, culture and entertainment.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to participate in qualified networking. Meanwhile, startups will be able to form partnerships, among other possibilities.

The eight stages are divided into: ASSESPRO, Communities, Talk Stage, Gov Tech Stage, Insights Stage, Industry Stage, Web 3.0 Experience and Futuro Stage.


On September 12th, the event begins with the BlockchainGov Forum. The forum will present topics on the use of innovative technologies by governments. In this sense, it continues with the Blockchain Insights trails, with the pilot financial consortia of Real Digital (Drex); Descentraeduca, with new business models and Web3; Hyperledger, about digital identity and tokenization. Furthermore, it will address digital transformations in the oil and gas sector with PetroTIC.

On the second day, 10 tracks will be explored among the 8 stages of the Blockchain Rio Festival: Blockchain Insights, BlockImob, Communities, Creators Economy, DeSci Rio, DeSci Summit, Energy Tech, Public Policy Formulation in Debate, Legal Hack, Metaverse Fashion Experience.

Finally, on September 14th, the “closing” trails are: 2 Summit Refi Latam, Assespro Business Games, Bitcoin Day, Blockchain and Energy, Blockchain Insights, WWC – World Crypto Conference, Regulation Rocks by Fenasbac.

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