Following a halt in ongoing inflows into bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which persisted for 71 days, a revival in interest is anticipated by financial industry experts. The expectation is that a diverse range of institutional investors will begin to become more actively involved with spot ETFs in the coming months.

Robert Mitchnick, head of digital assets at BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, notes an imminent shift in the cryptocurrency investment landscape. According to him, the recent pause in investments will be replaced by a wave of capital inflows, involving participants such as sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and philanthropic foundations. “The restart of the discussion around bitcoin is revolving around how to allocate BTC in portfolio constructions,” Mitchnick said in an interview with Coindesk.

Mitchnick also clarified BlackRock’s role in educating companies about investing in cryptocurrencies. “Many of these interested companies are having ongoing due diligence and research conversations, and we are playing a role from an educational standpoint,” she explained.

Since its approval in January, pent-up demand for spot ETFs has resulted in the accumulation of more than $76 billion in various products. Mitchnick highlighted the growing interest from registered investment advisors (RIAs), who already offer BlackRock’s ETF products, and mentioned future plans for an expansion in services offered to clients of large wealth advisory firms such as Morgan Stanley.

Interest in bitcoin ETFs is a common discussion on social media, with particular attention paid to comparing assets under management of different funds, such as IBIT and Grayscale GBTC. Currently, IBIT holds around 17.2 billion dollars, while GBTC leads with 24.3 billion. Much of IBIT’s assets come from Grayscale transitions and inflows of international products and bitcoin futures ETFs converted to spot products.

Mitchnick highlighted the advantages of managing cryptocurrencies through a brokerage account, citing simplicity compared to the complexities of custody and tax reporting. “While becoming the largest spot Bitcoin ETF would be an impressive milestone, BlackRock is not really focused on this competition, but rather on educating its clients,” Mitchnick stated.

Additionally, BlackRock is exploring the possibility of launching an Ethereum-based ETF, discussing the potential for tokenization and representation of traditional assets on blockchains. Mitchnick posed a critical question regarding educating investors about the complex Ethereum ecosystem and diversifying into another crypto ETF.


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