As cryptocurrencies continue to maintain their popularity, it is imperative that new crypto enthusiasts are well informed about the platforms they can choose from. One of these platforms is Bitget, a cryptocurrency exchange focused on Copy Trading.

A Bitget, although relatively new among existing crypto giants, it has quickly carved its place in the crypto playground. The question remains, however: Is Bitget the right cryptocurrency exchange for you? In this review, we will delve into Bitget’s crypto products, investment tools, security measures, and determine if it is the right crypto exchange for you.

In this article, we will discuss:

What is Bitget Exchange?

Bitget emerges as a secure, transparent and highly versatile cryptocurrency exchange. Founded in 2018, the platform supports over 500 spot trading pairs and a total of 770 trading pairs, providing plenty of options for traders of all varieties.

From the usual spot trading to derivative instruments and copy trading, Bitget has quickly gained importance within the crypto community as the leading plataforma de Copy Tradingsecuring the 13th position on CoinGecko’s top 20 exchange list and ranking 5th in derivatives on Coinmarketcap, with a trading volume of 10 billion dollars.

Is Bitget trustworthy?

Security is paramount in the crypto space, and Bitget is no exception. Standard security measures such as two-factor authentication (2FA), storing funds in cold wallets, an insurance fund, regular proof of reserves, and various security features are implemented by Bitget to meet all users’ needs. Additional security features include:

  • Fund Password : Adds an extra layer of security with a one-time code by enforcing a 24-hour withdrawal lock when the code is changed.
  • Pickup address whitelist: Increases security by allowing the user to create a whitelist of trusted addresses, allowing withdrawals only to those addresses.
  • Phishing Prevention Code: Authentic Bitget emails contain a unique code, helping users distinguish between genuine and fake emails.
  • Third-party account integration : Allows you to easily link your Bitget account with trusted third-party platforms.
  • Withdrawals without a password: Allows you to set predefined limits and manage withdrawal goals effortlessly.
  • Trusted Device Management: Ensures account security by allowing users to specify authorized devices, adding an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access.
  • Account Activity: In case you plan to take a break or leave the platform permanently, the Account Activity section makes it easy to delete your account, ensuring that your data and account information remains secure.
  • User Protection Fund: With a value reaching $424 million as of December 2023, the Bitget User Protection Fund protects users from losses unrelated to their own transactions.

Introduction to Bitget: A user-friendly approach

For users entering the crypto world with Bitget, the initial journey can seem daunting. However, Bitget offers a simple and intuitive registration process for new users. Creating an account, completing identity verification, funding your account through your registered bank account and going to trade can be done quickly and seamlessly.

Additionally, Bitget frequently runs campaigns targeting new users. These campaigns offer additional rewards, giving your crypto career a head start.

Advantages of using Bitget Exchange

  • Various product options: Bitget offers a wide range of products, focusing mainly on crypto derivatives. While this may seem overwhelming to newcomers, the platform caters to both beginners and experienced users with its extensive range of products.
  • User-friendly interface: Whether you are a beginner or a veteran of crypto winters, Bitget provides a user-friendly interface with simple product designs that perfectly fit your trading strategies.
  • Security measures: Bitget doesn’t stand a chance when it comes to security in the cryptocurrency world and neither should you. With several security tools in place, including the User Protection Fund, your assets are well protected.
  • Extensive encryption options: Bitget has a vast selection of cryptocurrencies and continually expands its catalog with regular listings.
  • Banking Integration: For users in Turkey, Bitget offers a dedicated platform, Bitget TR, allowing direct transfers between Bitget and Bitget TR to convert funds to attempt to withdraw directly to bank accounts.

Bitget Token (BGB): An In-Depth Look

At the core of Bitget’s ecosystem is its unique utility token, BGB. Serving multiple purposes, BGB can be bought and sold directly on the Bitget platform.

  • Fee discounts: Paying transaction fees with BGB grants a 20% discount, applicable to market maker and taker fees.
  • Participation in Token Sales: BGB is used to purchase new cryptocurrencies listed on Bitget’s Launchpad.
  • Investment: BGB has shown stable performance in Bear markets and operates as a deflationary crypto, reducing total supply through regular burns.

While BGB’s future prediction remains uncertain, its usefulness on the platform makes it a valuable asset for users. However, BGB showed explosive growth. Utility token proprietary exchanges traded at $1.05 from $0.40 in 4 months.

With a maximum supply of 2,000,000,000 BGB (1,400,000,000 of which are in circulation), BGB has a daily volume of $24,563,435 and a market cap of $1,439,747,521.

How to deposit money on Bitget?

Depositing funds to Bitget is simple. Through do Bitget TR, users in Turkey can use their bank accounts to directly deposit Turkish Lira. The step-by-step guides provided by Bitget make it easy for users to complete transactions. Additionally, users can directly deposit into their platform accounts or link their accounts to Bitget Wallet (formerly Bitkeep) for seamless fund management.

Bitget Product Overview

Bitget’s product range covers various trading instruments, including Copy Trading, Perpetual Contracts, Spot Trading and more. The platform allows users to adapt their trading strategies according to preferences and risk appetites.

Bitget operates primarily as a crypto derivatives platform, with its main product being o Copy Trading. Although familiar trading instruments like spot and futures are Widely used tools like Shark Fin or Range Sniper require a deeper understanding of risks. O Academy Archive da Bitget provides detailed explanations of each product.

As always, users are advised to evaluate risks carefully, carefully consider their circumstances and conduct their own research before engaging in crypto transactions.

Bitget Copy Trading: A Brief Overview

Copy Trading simplifies the trading process for users. Bitget designates users who meet specific criteria as Elite traders, allowing them to lead the trades of others. A Copy Trader can browse through the profiles of Elite traders, examine their past performance and discover strategies that resonate with them before deciding on their Copy Trading activities.

This feature is especially beneficial for new users who may be daunted by the complexity of the crypto trading offering, as it allows them to profit from the experience and knowledge of experienced and certified successful traders.

On the other hand, Bitget also offers Bot Copy Trading, which allows users to sell their trading bots on their own dedicated marketplace. These bots are essentially automated versions of an Elite Traders strategy. Users who purchase these bots can invest using the strategies implemented by the bots.

Introducing Bitget TR

Bitget TR is a cryptocurrency platform and fiat gateway exclusively for users in Turkey. Through banking integration, users can buy, deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies directly using Turkish Lira. Additionally, users can link their Bitget TR accounts to Bitget accounts, facilitating free internal transfers between the two accounts.

Beyond Trading: Additional Features on Bitget

In addition to supporting over 500 cryptocurrencies and over 700 trading pairs, Bitget offers users access to the latest market trends through Bitget Research. The Bitget Blog keeps users informed about the platform’s latest events and rewards offers. For newcomers, an Academy archive is available.

Furthermore, Bitget contributes to the growth of the crypto sector through projeto Blockchain4Youthproject, offering scholarships and education to young people aspiring to move up in the crypto industry. Finally, o Bitget Wallet (formerly Bitkeep) provides users with a dedicated wallet, offering features such as thousands of dApps, staking services, high security, an NFT marketplace, and more.

Bitget transaction fees

When choosing a crypto platform, users often consider transaction fees. Bitget offers variable transaction fees for different product categories. For example, spot market makers and takers pay a transaction fee of 0.1%, while futures market makers pay 0.2%, and takers pay 0.06%. Users who pay fees with BGB receive a 20% discount.

Additionally, Bitget offers VIP privileges with variable withdrawal limits and transaction fees depending on the user level. Users can sign up for VIP status to enjoy exclusive benefits such as a personal account manager, VIP accumulation product perks, and privileged access to Bitget Card.


In conclusion, Bitget presents a satisfactory platform in terms of security, product diversity and variety of cryptocurrencies. Although considered relatively new among existing crypto giants, having been established in 2018, Bitget has quickly gained a broad user base, providing attractive opportunities for users across the spectrum.


The views and opinions expressed by the author, or anyone mentioned in this article, are for informational purposes only and do not constitute financial, investment or other advice. Investing in or trading cryptocurrencies carries a risk of financial loss.


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