In a move that captured the attention of enthusiasts and financial analysts around the globe, Bitcoin scaled new heights, surpassing the impressive $70,000 mark. This advance not only solidified the cryptocurrency’s position in the market but also aroused the interest of the mainstream media, highlighting the growing relevance of Bitcoin on the global financial scene.

With a trading volume that exceeded US$45 billion in the last 24 hours, the cryptocurrency saw its price flirt with US$70,000 on several trading platforms, including the renowned Binance and OKX, where it briefly reached US$70,040. 0. This upward trajectory is the result of a combination of factors that outline the current fervor for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Surpasses US$ 70 Thousand and Establishes New ATH Historical Milestone
OKX – TradingView

At the time of publication, the price of BTC was trying to stabilize at US$68,035.59 with an increase of 2% in the last 24 hours.

Among the main drivers are the evident scarcity of Bitcoin on OTC desks — as per reports confirmed by — which play a vital role for large-scale investors, indicating robust demand for the asset. Furthermore, the decrease in Bitcoin reserves on exchanges, which now total around two million, signals a trend of hodling on the part of investors, who prefer to store their cryptos in private wallets, envisioning a promising future for Bitcoin.

The buying pressure is further amplified by the actions of Bitcoin ETFs, which are purchasing an average of 4,000 Bitcoins per day. This movement, led by institutional investors, reinforces the enthusiasm surrounding cryptocurrency, making it increasingly integrated into the traditional financial system.

The icing on the cake of this euphoria is the anticipation of the next Bitcoin halving, scheduled to take place in less than 42 days. This event, which halves the reward per block mined, has historically catalyzed significant increases in the price of Bitcoin, due to the combined effect of limited supply and constant or increasing demand.

The enthusiasm surrounding Bitcoin is also reflected in the increase in general interest in the cryptocurrency, reaching record levels on Google Trends. This broad curiosity is not just restricted to veterans of the crypto market, but extends to a wider audience, eager to participate in this financial revolution.

As Bitcoin continues its upward journey past $70,000, the current scenario suggests there is still room for growth. With the imminent halving, the sustained increase in demand, and unprecedented interest in the asset, the future of Bitcoin is looking increasingly promising.


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