Bitcoin displayed a remarkable performance by remaining above the US$50,000 level during the last week, a feat that has not been observed since December 2021. Currently, the price of the leading cryptocurrency hovers around US$51,000, marking an increase of more than 9% in just seven days. This strong start to the week was triggered on Monday when Bitcoin crossed the $50,000 barrier, driven by significant accumulation from large investors and renewed Wall Street interest in the technology sector.

Analysts have pointed to the approval of ten spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) by the Securities and Exchange Commission in January as an early catalyst for this price movement. Despite an initial drop following the announcement, the price of Bitcoin quickly recovered, defying expectations after a US Department of Labor report indicated higher-than-expected inflation last month.

The middle of the week saw Bitcoin not only recover, but also attempt to surpass the $53,000 mark, with its value hovering in that range for some time. This phenomenon reaffirms Bitcoin’s position as a potential “digital gold,” attracting continued attention and investment.

The ripple effect of Bitcoin’s appreciation was felt throughout the cryptocurrency market. Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, recorded an increase of more than 11% for the week. Simultaneously, Solana, which ranks fifth in terms of market value, experienced a notable jump, trading at US$109.71 and even temporarily overtaking Binance’s BNB Coin for fourth place.

Meme coins such as Bonk, Siacoin, VeChain, Pepe and Dogwifhat also rode the wave of optimism, recording significant gains and remaining high throughout the week. This vibrant environment reflects investors’ growing focus on Bitcoin, especially as the halving event approaches and growing institutional interest in Bitcoin ETFs, which suggests an influx of capital into the sector.


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