In the Hong Kong financial market, a significant move promises to shake up the cryptocurrency sector. Harvest, known for its innovative initiatives, is planning to expand the reach of its Bitcoin and Ether ETF, targeting a wider audience in mainland China.

This strategy involves utilizing the ETF Connect platform, a collaboration between the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission.

Launched in 2022, ETF Connect was designed to facilitate the exchange of assets between Hong Kong and mainland China, encouraging greater liquidity and a variety of investment options between the regions. Han Tongli, CEO and chief investment officer at Harvest, mentioned that if “all goes well”, he may apply to include his products in the program within the next two years.

The prospect of including Bitcoin and Ether ETFs in ETF Connect is seen as a potential booster for cryptocurrency markets. After all, China has a vast investor market that could be significantly affected by this new investment option. However, current Chinese regulations impose severe restrictions on the cryptocurrency market, creating uncertainty regarding the acceptance of this new offering by the Chinese government.

Interestingly, despite the launch of ETFs based on Bitcoin and Ether futures in Hong Kong in 2022, these products have not yet been integrated into Stock Connect, highlighting existing regulatory complexities and challenges.


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