Mike Novogratz, the visionary leader behind Galaxy Digital, recently shared powerful insights into Bitcoin’s trajectory, highlighting its entry into a market valued at a staggering $84 trillion. This milestone was reached following the approval of BTC spot market ETFs, an event that marked a significant turning point for the leading cryptocurrency.

During his participation in Bitcoin Investor Day in New York, Novogratz revealed that Bitcoin adoption is growing by leaps and bounds, driven by the introduction of these ETFs. According to him, the ease with which ETFs can be traded by baby boomer wealth holders, totaling a whopping $84 trillion, signals a promising future for Bitcoin.

He clarifies: “Right now, adoption is overwhelming because we just entered [em um novo mercado]. So here are the numbers: there are 84 trillion dollars in wealth – billions – owned by US baby boomers. They mostly invest through registered investment advisors.”

The process, as described by Novogratz, is simplified by ETFs, allowing investors to diversify their portfolios with Bitcoin in an accessible and familiar way. Although many large brokerage platforms are still preparing to offer Bitcoin, interest and adoption by regional brokers and smaller platforms is already notable.

The appeal of Bitcoin, as explained by Novogratz, lies in its simplicity and the macroeconomic history that surrounds it. He openly criticizes the US government’s economic management, highlighting the imbalance between spending and revenue as a devaluing factor for the currency. “One thing I learned about Bitcoin: you always sell, you don’t buy. Someone sits down and explains it to you. What is the macro story of Bitcoin? It’s relatively simple: our government can’t keep quiet and is spending a lot of money.”

Novogratz’s vision reinforces not only Bitcoin’s viability as an investment, but also its growing acceptance among generations of diverse investors. With the $84 trillion market entry, Bitcoin is establishing itself as an indispensable asset class, poised for even greater adoption in the future.


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