In the cryptocurrency space, where transparency often defines the trajectory of influencers and traders, Frankie Candles has finally broken his silence. The renowned crypto trader has made public his decision to leave the influential crypto media group, Hit Network.

For those who follow the scenario, 2021 was a remarkable year for Frankie. That’s when he, from a simple attempt with a direct email, joined Armstrong’s BitBoy Crypto team. And what started as an opportunity became a dream that opened doors to travel, new followers and the founding of an exclusive channel within the Hit Network structure.

However, the world of cryptocurrencies is dynamic and professional relationships are no exception. Tensions have recently emerged between Armstrong and Hit Network CEO Timothy “TJ” Shedd. Candles preferred not to delve into the details of this dispute, but made a point of highlighting his gratitude to both. These are figures, according to him, who brought remarkable transformations to his career.

However, this dynamic brought to light an urgent need for Frankie: ensuring the integrity of the community he built so hard. In a strategic move and after negotiations, Shedd agreed to transfer the entire Frankie Candles brand. This will allow the trader to move forward with his mission of promoting educational content about crypto independently.

The transition process, as Frankie noted, will take time. Still, he expressed his appreciation to Shedd, especially for the opportunity to maintain the assets and engagement gained at Hit Network.

Now, the trader will focus his energies on serving his follower base, avoiding controversies. Frankie Candles is already planning to resume content programming, now as a solo brand. Finally, he left words of affection and respect for Shedd and Armstrong, asking the public to remain open and avoid hasty judgments.

It is worth remembering that Ben Armstrong, better known in the crypto community as BitBoy. His tumultuous trajectory with the Hit Network team reached a dramatic peak in recent days, culminating in his arrest in DULUTH, Georgia.

Armstrong’s capture occurred after a tense episode, in which the cryptocurrency influencer broadcast live, heading to the residence of one of the leaders of the Hit Network.


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