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The cryptocurrency exchange Binance, through its charitable arm (Binance Charity), will make a donation to the victims of the devastation caused by recent floods and heavy rains in Rio Grande do Sul (RS). According to a statement sent to CriptoFácil, this help will come through a donation that could reach up to US$1 million (R$5 million in current values).

The money will go directly to Binance customers residing in RS through BNB token vouchers. Those who live in the areas affected by the tragedy will receive the equivalent of US$80 (R$400) through the Rewards HUB platform.

According to the Civil Defense of RS, the number of people killed in the floods has already exceeded 90 and more than 1.4 million have lost their homes or suffered from the floods. In addition to the capital Porto Alegre, more than 390 municipalities had at least a third of their areas flooded.

How to receive the donation

To receive the vouchers, the customer must have a Binance account and prove that they live in the regions affected by the tragedy. This proof will be provided through proof of residence, which could be an electricity or water bill, for example.

Users living in affected cities in Rio Grande do Sul who have registered their proof of residence by May 6, 2024 will receive US$80 in BNB token vouchers. However, Binance decided to extend this deadline due to the severity of the floods.

“We know that many users in the affected cities in Rio Grande do Sul may not have their proof of residence registered on the platform. Therefore, users in the affected cities who complete this step between May 7, 2024 and June 6, 2024 will receive US$25 in BNB token vouchers in their accounts,” said the exchange.

Starting this Thursday (9), customers who sent their receipts will receive US$80 vouchers. US$25 vouchers will be sent according to the presentation of the document.

The role of cryptocurrencies in the tragedy in Rio Grande do Sul

In natural disasters like this one in Rio Grande do Sul, many people can lose access to the traditional banking model at a time when they need it most, when they need extra funds to pay for medicines, food and other essential needs. Therefore, cryptocurrencies play an essential role in collecting donations.

As CriptoFácil reported, several companies in the Brazilian crypto ecosystem ran campaigns to raise Bitcoin (BTC), USDT and other cryptocurrencies in support of the people of Rio Grande do Sul. The city of Rolante, in RS, was one of the first to do this.

Even companies in the traditional market have embarked on Bitcoin as a tool to capture donations. This is the case of Liberta Investimentos, an office whose partner is Fernando Ulrich, who provided an address to receive donations in BTC.

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