Binance Japan lists 13 new altcoins.

In a strategic move, Binance Japan, a division of Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced a significant expansion in its list of crypto assets. From November 27th, the platform will add 13 altcoins to its catalog, bringing the total to 47. This decision represents an important step in the company’s vision, mainly, of diversifying investment options for crypto enthusiasts in Japan.

What are the 13 altcoins that make up the portfolio?

The altcoins that will make their debut on Binance Japan are HBAR, NEAR, OP, IMX, ARB, GRT, RNDR, MANA, EOS, GALA, APE, KLAY and LSK. This selection covers a variety of tokens that have been prominent in the global crypto market, offering Japanese investors a wider range of options to diversify their portfolios.

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What does the CEO of Binance Japan have to say?

Takeshi Chino, CEO of Binance Japan, expressed his excitement at the announcement. He emphasized the company’s commitment to achieving the goal of listing 100 coins on the platform. Chino highlighted that the inclusion of these 13 new cryptos is an even more significant step in this direction. Furthermore, he reiterated Binance Japan’s aim to play a leading role in promoting cryptocurrencies in the country by leveraging Binance’s vast blockchain ecosystem and global expertise.

This announcement is particularly notable in the context of the growing interest in cryptocurrencies in Japan. With the addition of these altcoins, Binance Japan not only expands its offerings but also reinforces its position as one of the leading cryptoasset trading platforms in the country. This also signals a recognition of the importance of the Japanese market in the global crypto scene.

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The decision to list these altcoins is a response to the growing demand for variety and investment options in crypto assets. This portfolio expansion is seen as a way to meet the needs of investors, from novices to the most experienced. This provides access to a wider range of digital assets.

However, with this development, Binance Japan positions itself not only as a facilitator of cryptocurrency transactions, but also as an influential player in advancing the crypto ecosystem in Japan. This move can be seen as a reflection of Binance’s adaptability in responding market trends and investor preferences.


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