The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, released a security public service announcement on June 3 following a recent incident that triggered some community concerns related to security on the crypto platform.

Some Binance exchange customer accounts may have been compromised due to a download of Google’s Aggr plugin, which was promoted by KOL, according to information released by crypto journalist Wu blockchain, on June 3.

According to the information, after using the plug-in, a user from China ended up losing US$1 million in a robbery through cross-trading on May 24th. The attackers used cookies that were hijacked in order to bypass password/2FA verification and thus gain access to the victim’s Binance platform account.

After the incident, the exchange highlighted that its platform remains intact and without any security flaws detected. “Security Public Service Announcement While there have been no security breaches on the Binance platform, we want the community to remain vigilant at all times. Avoid installing browser plug-ins as malicious plug-ins can steal your data and harm your account security.”

When addressing security measures to prevent account compromise and possible token theft, Binance shared some recommendations. “We recommend that all users take the following security measures: Only install the official Binance app or use a clean browser without any third-party plugins to access the official Binance website; Please exit the Binance website after using it.”


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