December 31, 2022

Online casinos continue introducing new games and proposals to generate interest in your visitors. In the case of Betway, one of the contents with which they are generating the most interest is live roulette, especially those developed by the company Real Dealer Studios. With them, the player has the impression of being in a live casino.

An immersive and cinematic experience

That is the definition that Real Dealer Studios makes of its creations. Its roulettes have been expanding their presence among online casinos around the world. They are very identifiable due to their design and immersive concept in which the player is in constant contact with a real-looking dealer.

The characteristics of these roulette wheels include the presence of a betting system that goes beyond the classic, which enables French bets to be made, such as orphelins or voisins du zero. For your convenience, the latest versions of these live roulettes, have a memory system which allows players to store up to six favorite bets. Once stored, they can be started with the simple press of a key or a touch of the screen on the mobile.

Betting presets are also included, such as 007 or Red-black splits. And, as a way of providing greater transparency and encourage safe play, these live roulette wheels have a history full of comprehensive statistics detailing the last 100 spins. This allows you to understand the flow of the game much better and to play with your head and in a totally safe way.

What live roulettes does Betway have available?

Most of the Roulettes created by Real Dealer Studios are included in the catalog of Betway. Therefore, the player can start by making the decision whether he wants his dealer to be a man or a woman. In the case of men, there are versions of roulette with casino professionals like Dave, Rishi or George.

who prefer play with a woman as a dealer they will be able to choose between Laura, Holly, Caroline, Bailey or Sarati. Each of them invites to a different roulette table and, although a similar structure is maintained in the betting system, there may be changes depending on the dealer. In addition, the important thing is that each live roulette has extensive videos of these dealers so that the time that the player spends with them is more immersive and realistic.

In any case, the live roulettes of this developer are not the only ones that can be found in Betway. This online casino also has other proposals such as Live Lightning RouletteMultifire Auto Roulette or Multifire Roulette, so each user can try and find the one that best suits their needs or interests.


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