A recent analysis recently revealed the best cryptocurrency projects in the Solana ecosystem. Specialist cryptocurrency analytics platform Santiment shared on May 10 the top cryptocurrency projects that are part of the Solana ecosystem, ranked by average daily development activity notable over the last 30 days.

According to the survey, the Wormhole (W) cryptocurrency showed a very significant development, even surpassing the blockchain’s native token, SOL. Wormhole topped the development activity rankings in the last month within the SOL ecosystem. Then the cryptocurrencies Solana (SOL), Jupiter (JUP) appear.

The top 10 ranking for the development of the Solana ecosystem still includes: Pyth Network (PYTH); Helium IoT (IOT); Helium Mobile (MOBILE); Metaplex (MPLX); Neon (NEON); Marinade (MNDE); Solend (SLND).

Why are these data important? The data is important because it reveals the best cryptocurrency projects that can generate profits and great returns for investors. The development of the network is essential for each ecosystem, suggesting its growth and possible future fruits.

Franklin Templeton highlights potential of Solana (SOL) cryptocurrency

Global investment giant Franklin Templeton is shedding light on Solana’s potential in the cryptocurrency landscape. According to a recent report from the company, entitled “Solana: Accelerated Adoption”, Solana is prepared to rise to the level of third largest cryptographic asset, joining the select club of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The report highlights that Solana has stood out for capturing the growth in crypto activity, especially driven by successful launches in the Solana ecosystem such as Jito and Pyth. These launches “created a billion-dollar wealth effect in the ecosystem,” driving up the value of SOL and other tokens in the Solana ecosystem, including meme coins.


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