The Balancer website, one of the most popular decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, is now secure again after its second DNS attack in the space of a month. As highlighted by the analysis platform Santiment, the hack caused a loss of resources worth US$240,000.

Santiment highlighted that whale transactions, as well as the number of exclusive tokens, increased in light of the trend sequence of the Balancer (BAL) cryptocurrency.

“The #BalancerProtocol website is safe again after being hit yesterday by its second #DNS attack in a month, resulting in a loss of $240,000. $100K + $BAL whale transactions have increased, along with the total amount of unique tokens, as the asset continues to trend,” he wrote.

Balancer suffered a reported attack on September 19th. The c teamonfirmou that after the recent DNS attack, that the domain is now secure and again under the control of Balancer DAO, plus other subdomains are safe to use.

According to the team, after investigation, it became clear that “this was a social engineering attack on EuroDNS, the domain registrar used for .fi TLDs. We are exploring discontinuing the .fi TLD to migrate to a more secure registrar and suggest that other projects using the TLD do the same.”


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