The full of Badalona (Barcelonès) next Tuesday July 27 will debate ssuspend for one year the granting of licenses for activities related to games of chance and betting rooms. The proposal refers to the granting of licenses and admission of communications for the exercise of activities related to games of chance, as well as the licenses or authorizing titles to carry out works destined to the opening or expansion of premises or buildings destined to these activities, as well as installation or expansion of activities and uses and other municipal authorizations for the implementation of gambling activities.

Thus, they want to reconsider and order the establishments in the city, where today there are no establishments of this type.

Already last May, the opposition en bloc asked the mayor, Xavier García Albiolwhich will use the mechanisms at its disposal to prevent the opening of a bingo hall in the Llefià neighbourhood.

We win Badalona en Comú, Together for Catalonia, PSC, ERC and Badalona en Comú Podemos They considered that the activity of a betting house could lead to “public order problems” and “insecurity in the area”, with an increase in noise and disturbance, apart from the negative social impact in the neighbourhood, where there are families with a precarious economy.

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In a statement, Albiol assures that although at this moment there is no forecast that many betting rooms will be installed in the city, “if this suspension is approved in plenary session, it will allow us to have a whole year to make a reconsideration of the situation of gambling establishments in Badalona”. The goal, she says, is “to work on your ordination.”

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