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The Ministry of Production, Science and Technological Innovation of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, launched accusations against the company Worldcoin alleging the presence of abusive clauses in its contractual terms and conditions. This action could result in a fine of more than R$6 million.

The complaints focus on the inclusion of clauses considered abusive in membership contracts, particularly related to the retinal exam required for users in exchange for the WLD token, Worldcoin’s cryptocurrency.

In addition, provincial authorities also highlighted inconsistencies in inspections carried out at locations offering retinal scanning services in the province of Buenos Aires.

Ariel Aguilar, Undersecretary of Commercial Development and Investment Promotion of the Province, expressed concern regarding the storage and management of users’ biometric data, raising doubts about the procedure adopted by the company.

In addition to concerns about privacy and data security, authorities noted the absence of a minimum age requirement to participate in the service, expressing concerns about the digitization of minors’ personal data.

Abusive practices and possible consequences for Worldcoin

Aguilar pointed out the complexity of contracts, the lack of adequate information and the novelty of operations as obstacles to a clear understanding of the rules established by Worldcoin. Among the clauses considered abusive, the following stand out:

  • Service interruption without repair or refund.
  • Force waiver of the right to participate in class actions.
  • The applicable law is stipulated to be that of the Cayman Islands.
  • Dispute resolution through arbitration in California, USA.

In light of these accusations, Worldcoin faces the possibility of a substantial fine and additional investigations. The company could face a fine of up to one billion Argentine pesos, that is, around US$1 million. This is if a violation of the National Consumer Protection Law is confirmed.

Called for investigation

At the legislative level, the representative of the Coalición Cívica, Romina Braga, presented a project in the Bonaero Legislature. She requested an investigation into Worldcoin’s activities. This is the first legislative effort to oversee the company’s operations, highlighting the need for effective regulation to protect citizens’ biometric data.

As Braga highlights, these measures are important to guarantee the privacy and security of individuals in a constantly evolving digital environment.

According to the deputy, Worldcoin’s operations in Argentina without a formal legal presence raises concerns about the processing of data and uses of this information.

This project is just the first step in a series of initiatives aimed at clarifying Worldcoin’s practices and protecting the personal data of Argentine citizens. Romina Braga urged the updating of regulatory standards to face the challenges of the digital world and guarantee the privacy and security of individuals.

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