The Arbitrum Foundation announced, on September 29, a partnership with Fracton Ventures to boost the launch of the company’s arm in Japan.

“Fracton Ventures, Inc., together with the Arbitrum Foundation, a strategic partner, fully supports our company, from the enterprise use of Arbitrum to expanding the overall user community, is pleased to officially announce a strategic business partnership with the Arbitrum Foundation”, he wrote in an official note.

Through the alliance between the companies, Arbitrum Japan will be implemented by Fracton Ventures. According to the official statement, the measure will facilitate the rapid deployment of the Arbitrum ecosystem in the country and further promote the dissemination and maturation of blockchain technology in Japan.

The partnership will enable Japanese companies and governments to develop new businesses, taking advantage of Arbitrum’s advanced scalability and security features.

“Fracton Ventures will support the growth of the Arbitrum ecosystem in the Japanese market and support business development that leverages Japan’s unique intellectual property and assets, including finance and entertainment. With this, Fracton Ventures aims to develop businesses in several areas, including collaboration with Web2/Web3 companies.”

It is worth remembering that, in a move that will reshape the cryptocurrency betting landscape, 1xBit proudly announced this week the integration of the Algorand token along with the Arbitrum ecosystem, presenting enthusiasts with an innovative realm of possibilities.


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