In an era where artificial intelligence has revolutionized multiple sectors, including the cryptocurrency market, now is the music industry’s turn to take a stand. And, it seems, they are not very happy with some AI startups.

At the epicenter of this technological and legal hurricane, we find Anthropic. This young AI company is in the dock, accused by music industry giants such as Universal Music Group (UMG), Concord Publishing and ABKCO Music & Records of copyright infringement.

But what exactly happened?

Well, these music giants claim that Anthropic took a shortcut and used “large amounts of copyrighted works,” including lyrics from many compositions under its ownership, to train the AI ​​chatbot named Claude. The central argument is that the chatbot can generate identical or near-identical copies of iconic songs such as “What a Wonderful World”, “American Pie” and many others.

Lawyers for the music giants wasted no time stressing that just because a company uses the term “AI” does not mean it is free to break fundamental copyright rules that have existed for centuries. They exemplify by citing an almost perfect replication of the song “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor, belonging to UMG, produced by Claude.

The wave of copyright infringement lawsuits against AI developers is not new. Big names like OpenAI, Google and Meta have faced or are still facing similar lawsuits.

However, UMG is not limited to just processing. In search of innovative and collaborative solutions, it recently signed a partnership with BandLab Technologies, aiming at the ethical use of AI to safeguard artists’ rights.


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