Could the Sui (SUI) cryptocurrency show remarkable and growing performance in the long term? Coin Bureau channel host Guy Turner shared recent analysis on his price projections for Sui (SUI), highlighting the cryptocurrency’s huge growth potential in the long term.

When listing his reasons for the very optimistic analysis, Turner emphasized the benefits and growth of SUI. “[Sui] meets the criteria for a crypto that retail could use. It has a low price, which gives the illusion of big gains. It has a lower market capitalization than most large-cap cryptocurrencies, which means it takes less money to change its price. And it’s affordable because it’s listed on all the major exchanges.”

However, the analysis highlighted some metrics about Sui, such as the total value locked (TVL) and the number of network transactions, highlighting that the data suggests a short-term decline for the token.

“What is clear is that many of these on-chain metrics suggest that demand is not trending in the right direction and this poses problems for the price of Sui. In Sui’s defense, the same trends can be seen in almost every other cryptocurrency.

Interest in altcoins is not very high at the moment. This means that in the short term, Sui’s price is expected to continue to trend downwards, along with its demand-side metrics, even as supply-side pressures ease.”

At the time of publication, the price of Sui was quoted at US$1.02, up 0.8% in the last 24 hours. Over the past seven days, the cryptocurrency has recorded a 4.8% price pullback. The highest price paid for Sui (SUI) was $2.17, recorded on March 27 (2 months). Comparatively, the current price is 53.04% lower than the token’s historical peak.


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