Dismantled a criminal organization that fixed matches through a novel technology. With a satellite connection, they connected to the signals from the stadiums and anticipated the images and sound of the betting houses. 23 people have been arrested in an operation in which the National Police, the Tax Agency, Europol and Interpol have participated.

“The criminal organization had a novel and very sophisticated technological system, with contrasted results both nationally and internationally, based on technology via satellite and in the capture of “feed” content of the same” they explain in the press release. By connecting to the signal of the live matches, they were ahead of that of the betting houses.

Likewise, this was not the only system they had to defraud and make a great financial profit. They also had contacts with several footballers with whom they agreed on a result. “The group obtained economic benefits in two ways. The main person in charge of the organization had corrupted several footballers from different teams and Romania, with whom he managed the fixing of the meetings,” they add. Also, the leader of the group, sold the information to other fixers.

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This investigation began in 2020 when they observed quite suspicious hits. Although they were based in Spain, they carried out match-fixing in Asian and South American soccer leagues, UEFA Nations League, Bundesliga, Qatar Football World Cup 2022 and ATP and ITF tennis tournaments. And this search remains open to find other members of the organization.

After these first three years of investigation, they have already requisitioned 80 mobile phones, two satellite dishes, signal receiversa vehicle, 5,000 euros in cash, 13,000 euros in counterfeit bills, credit and debit cards, documentation from third parties and 200 prepaid SIM cards.

Source: www.elperiodico.com

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