Altcoins have faced great difficulties following the recent market crash. In the current scenario, on April 18, cryptocurrencies are trying to recover, with some even managing to trade profitably in the last 24 hours.

Cryptocurrency markets saw bullish momentum today, with Bitcoin jumping in price to $63,800 with just hours to go before the halving event.

However, cryptocurrency analytics platform Santiment observed the difficulty of altcoins after the market crash. “It is well documented that altcoins have faced major difficulties since Bitcoin’s aggressive short-term pullback began on April 8. The total market capitalization of the crypto sector fell 11.7% last week alone.”

Given this scenario, the analysis revealed two altcoins that are currently trending in the market. “Regardless of your stance on altcoins following major market-wide declines last week, keep an eye on key trending assets like: VELO and OMNI.

The analysis highlighted important points of the VELO token: The project aims to create a trustless financial infrastructure with smartcontracts, making transactions cheaper, faster, and more accessible. Additionally, it offers fractional transactions, allowing users to transact assets against their real world value without the need to own an entire asset.

Regarding OMNI, Santiment highlighted that the project offers interoperability resources and stands out for the support it received from main exchanges, such as Coinbase and Binance. The project aims to integrate the Ethereum rollup ecosystem into a unified network, addressing the fragmentation problem faced by Layer 2 solutions on Ethereum.


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