At a time when enthusiasm for the metaverse and NFTs appears to be on the decline, several companies are beginning to move away from these digital initiatives. Recently, a notable example of this downturn was the closure of Starbucks’ Web3 project, Odyssey. Bucking this trend, Adidas chose to reinforce its commitment to the digital universe through an innovative partnership with the move-to-earn app, STEPN.

This collaboration resulted in the release of 1,000 exclusive NFTs representing Adidas sneakers, integrated into the Solana blockchain. These NFTs are essential for anyone who wants to participate in STEPN’s rewarded activities, being sold at prices around 10,000 GMT, or around US$2,400 considering current exchange rates.

Evgeniy Medvedev, who leads Adidas’ initiatives in the Web3 sector, brings valuable experience from his previous experience at NFT company Rarible. Furthermore, Adidas also had a presence in the gaming world, specifically in “Crypto The Game”. In this Web3-themed game show, participants competed for the brand’s outerwear in a special challenge.

In parallel, Justin Sun, founder of the TRON platform, made headlines with the launch of a musical project in collaboration with renowned composer Hans Zimmer. This partnership, which is a milestone in the fusion between blockchain and musical creativity, was inspired by a detailed meeting between Zimmer and Sun early last year.

In the broader context of the cryptocurrency market, digital art sales via Bitcoin surprised by reaching around US$24 million, before suffering a reduction to half of that amount, surpassing transactions in Ethereum. Meanwhile, PayPal announced adjustments to its policies, planning to remove NFTs from its Purchase Protection Program starting May 20.


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